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• 4/20/2015

I'm sorry!

Hello, ya'll. I am very very very very very sorry for my extremely long leave of absence. I greatly appreciate all the work you guys have been doing. And I ★ PROMISE ★ that I will be here regularly.
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• 2/11/2015

Picture for Home Page

Hello all!
Sorry about not having the pic for the home page done... I had completely forgotten about it after my internet stopped working!!
Don't worry ;) I'll be sure to have it done soon.
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• 2/10/2015

Facebook page

Do you guys think we should have a Facebook page?
I made a Wikia fan page already:
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• 2/4/2015

Pages you would like to see added

Hello, user!
If you have found your way here, you most likely have a recommendation of something to be added. Anyway, please leave your recommendation below, and we shall do our best!
--The Creatures of Past, Present and Mythology Wiki Team
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• 2/3/2015

Usertag themes

Daniel, Chart, Kerra and Darth (you are invited to the admin board, chat mods)
What ideas do you guys have for the theme of the userpage tags? Such as the chat moderator tag being "Hunter," for the ability to "hunt" spammers, abusers, etc. Do you guys have any ideas within that kind of idea for forum moderators, sysops, and bureaucrats (if wanted).
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• 1/30/2015

Time Zones

I was just thinking that maybe we could all post our Time Zones on our Walls. This way it will be easier for everyone to know when it is a better time to contact one another.
As usual, like everything else, if you don't want to or you just dislike the idea all together, feel free to make a stand!
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• 2/3/2015


Hi, can someone here make an animal Info box with these titles? Because I cant get myself to understand how to create them!
Animal Name:
image size
Other names
Media examples
Similar species
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• 1/19/2015

In-chat ban message

I changed the MediaWiki:Chat-you-were-banned Message. If you guys dislike it, full permission as always to change it.
I also changed theMediaWiki:Chat-you-were-Kicked too.
Any ideas for the: MediaWiki:Chat-you-were-blocked?
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• 1/18/2015

Rules and Regulations

I realized that I had not gotten opinions from any of the other staff about this wiki's rules and regulations page that I wrote. If you would like, you could proofread and add or remove anything that needs to be; so as to have a central consensus on the rules and regulations of this wiki. I don't want to end up taking the control of the wiki when there is other admins involved.
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This post is locked.
• 2/3/2015

Userpage tags

Daniel and Chart
Check out your userpages! I have added some tags to your pages, so tell me what you think! I can also do more tags if you'd like. Just tell me, and I can take care of it!
--Dakota {ADMIN}
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• 1/9/2015

Custom Text colour
I was just wondering if you guys wanted to have or make custom text colour for yourselves?
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• 1/9/2015


I'm thinking that this might be a possible game. I'm not that good at discriptions, so i'll give an example:
Me: SquirreL
JustAnIng : LioN
ChartreuseNarwhal : NarwhaL
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• 1/9/2015


I'm thinking that maybe we need to add a kind of "game" to this Wiki. For fun and to maybe keep some hopeful contributors here. What we need are Game ideas
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• 2/3/2015


Daniel.gormley.77 & ChartreuseNarwhal
What should we do to make this wiki better known and to attract editors? I can carry out any ideas, and I believe we should work on advertising to get more contributors and grow the wiki.
Thanks! Dakota {ADMIN}
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• 2/3/2015

Main Page Image

ChartreuseNarwhal and JustAnIng
You can draw straws or whatever to choose an image for the Main Page. Or, you guys can alternate between images, changing them every once in a while. It's up to you two!
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• 2/10/2015

General discussion

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