This is a list comprising of the group names, baby names and gender-related names of animals.

Animal Group
Antelope Herd
Apes Shrewdness
Asses Pace
Baboons Troop, Flange
Badgers Cete
Bats Colony
Bears Sleuth, Sloth
Bloodhounds Sute
Buffalo Gang, Herd, Obstinancy
Cats Clowder, Pounce
Cattlle Drove, Herd
Deer Herd, Bevy
Dogs Pack, Mute, Kennel
Elephants Herd
Elk Gang
Ferrets Business
Fox Leash, Skulk, Earth
Giraffes Tower
Goats Tribe, Trip
Gorillas Band
Hippopotamuses Bloat
Horses Team, Harras, Stud, Rag,String
Hyenas Cackle
Kangaroos Troop
Leopards Leap
Lions Pride
Martens Richness
Moles Labor
Monkeys Troop, Barrel
Mules Pack, Span, Barren
Otters Romp
Oxen Team, Yoke
Pigs Drift, Drove, Team
Porcupines Prickle
Rabbits Colony, Warren, Nest
Rhinoceroses Crash
Seals Herd, Pod
Sheep Flock, Herd, Drove
Squirrels Dray, Scurry
Tigers Streak
Whales Pod, Gam, Herd
Wolves Pack, Rout
Albatross Rookery
Auks Colony, Flock, Raft
Bitterns Sedge
Buzzards Wake
Bobolinks Chain
Bullfinches Bellowing
Coots Cover
Cormorants Gulp
Cranes Sedge
Crows Murder, Horde
Dotterel Trip
Doves Dule
Eagles Convocation
Finches Charm
Flamingos Stand
Geese Flock, Gaggle, Skein
Grouse Pack
Gulls Colony
Hawks Cast, Kettle, Boil
Herons Sedge, Siege
Jays Party, Scold
Lapwings Deceit
Larks Exaltation
Mallards Sord, Brace
Magpies Charm, Gulp, Murder, Tiding
Nightingales Watch
Owls Parliament
Parrots Company
Partridge Covey
Peacocks Muster, Ostentation
Penguins Colony
Pheasant Nest, Nide, Brood, Nye, Bouquet
Plovers Congregation, Wing
Ptarmigans Covey
Rooks Building
Quail Bevy, Covey
Ravens Unkindness
Snipe Walk, Wisp
Sparrows Host
Starlings Murmuration
Storks Mustering
Swallows Flight
Swans Bevy, Wedge
Teal Spring
Turkeys Rafter, Gang
Widgeons Company
Woodcocks Fall
Woodpeckers Descent
Reptiles & Amphibians
Barracudas Battery
Crocodiles Bask
Frogs Army
Toads Knot
Turtles Bale, Nest
Snakes, Vipers Nest
Bass Shoal
Herring Army
Sharks Shiver
Trout Hover
Ants Colony, Hive, Army
Bees Grist, Hive, Swarm
Caterpillars Army
Clams Bed
Cockroaches Intrusion
Flies Business
Gnats Cloud, Horde
Grasshoppers Cloud
Hornets Nest
Jellyfish Smack
Locusts Plague
Oysters Bed

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